Life at Tangly Cottage


...through the garden gate (shown first in 1995 and then in 2000).

 Tangly Cottage entrance in 1995 Tangly Cottage entrance in 2000

A typical day

Early morning at Tangly Cottage: The fish in the pond demand to be fed, while the four cats watch the many frogs. In the distance, I can hear the sound of the boats chugging into the fish factory and the hammering and sawing at the boatyard. Even our winters have many mild mornings conducive to pond watching. Black lab Bertie Woofter needs his walk, so we get the newspaper and then it is time to check email.

Later, I tend one of "my" gardens...Yes, each garden belongs to a different client, but I am emotionally involved with all of them. In January, long hours of reading await, but the season is long enough to allow gardening from February through November and even in midwinter.


Year 'round the climate is mild, but there are summers and winters that bring a variety of delights to the Tangly Cottage garden.

 Tangly Cottage garden in summer Tangly Cottage garden in winter Robert's fountain in the snow Orson enjoys spring

Then and now

It started with a pond in 1994. Hard work, much love...and the result today.

 an early overview of the Tangly Cottage Garden Tangly Cottage lower garden Tangly Cottage garden in 1997 Tangly Cottage garden in 2001

We're off... deliver plants. See you soon!

 side view of our van filled with plants rear view of our van filled with plants  Skyler holding Solanum Quitoense 


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