Writing at Sea Nest

by Robert Carlson

Bird arbor beckons
New garden smiles and delights
Beach Buddha sits, laughs

Bird arbor beckons

Wisdom wand in hand
Long walk past the beach castle
Rain dancing around

Long walk past the beach castle

Sanderlings nearby
Seagulls checking for sea gifts
Foam moves and dances

Seagulls checking for sea gifts

Presence on the beach
Connection to all of life
Ocean as teacher

Connection to all of life

House Diary Entries

The new garden makes us smile. We love the creativity and gentle nurturing and amazing knowledge of beach gardens that Skyler and Robert of Tangly Cottage bring to us. Soon we'll have our rose covered cottage that I always dreamed of. What wonderful surprises we have ahead!

- (Phyllis Ray)

In Sea Nest we are able to dream with angels, near heaven, at the sea, at the beach.

- (Brad Lee Miller)

Windless night, almost full moon, silent silver seagrass standing still. Short shadows precede us down to the beach. The sea flirts with kissing our feet.

- (Phyllis Ray)

We got such a lovely surprise when we arrived here as we are visiting from the UK and to see such a large beach house, as back home a beach house would be the size of a garden shed.

- (guests from the UK)

A weekend at the beach brings back all the good memories from childhood staying at grandma's house. Just what I was needing...mission accomplished. I sure do miss her and the days at the beach.

- (Kimberley)

Ag 2 99 Flowers. The flower beds in Long Beach...and meeting Schuyler from Tanglewood Cottage - the master gardener who is responsible for many of the gardens that caught my eye. I began to see her signature...could tell which gardens she does.

- (Phyllis Ray)

"The world today is sick to its thin blood for the lack of elemental things, for fire before the hands, for water welling from the earth, for air, for the dear earth itself underfoot."   Henry Beston, 1928, from The Outermost House

- (quoted in Sea Nest house diary)

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