Donna and Lynn Ryan

Across the street from Bev's is the former Ryan garden, created by Donna and Lynn, who have since moved. Embracing a house with lace curtains, which reminded a well-traveled friend of mine of being in Europe, this garden was one of the most glorious exercises in horticultural creativity that I have ever seen.

It wasn't great because of unusual plants, but because of unusual touches, like planting three saplings together and weaving the trunks, or hanging the remnants of an old chair belonging to Donna's father on the wooden fence, or filling a fascinating selection of antique containers with annuals.

Robert helped Lynn create a pond with a waterfall that emerged from a driftwood stump, and because the Ryans were among his fans, Robert's ironworks appeared in the garden in the shape of a tuteur, an arbour, a sculpture, a gate, and a 40-foot-long pergola.

Donna's new garden
Donna left her Seaview garden, but another one blossomed where she lives now.

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