Laurie's secret garden

on the island of shrubs, Robert created a stone lantern
on the island of shrubs, Robert created a stone lantern

Poet and painter Laurie finds peace and inspiration in her garden on the bay. When she and Mike and their wonderful retired greyhound, Wizard, moved here, this garden had been neglected for several years. Because it was a garden I had worked on for the previous owner, it was a special joy to return it to health. After extensive weeding and soil improvement and a trip to Joy Creek Nursery and Cistus Designs, and the addition of a choice selection of plants, and now, in its second new year, it is lush with glorious colour.

Laurie sometimes leaves a gardening poem on the "poetry rock". The first poem below was in response to the creation of a path through the woodland shrub island that centres the driveway.


the well planned path

 Well Planned Path
 by L. Ann Buscher

 Woodsy path
 With uncertain wander
 Needled trail, mossed hollow,
  shagged root
 Bounded by bracken
 Berried shrubbery
 Spent wild bloom and lichened
 Stone by broken bark, perfect
 Width for one
 Beneath a sky of green
 I follow

 Footfalls forgotten if and when
 Some forest traveler on claw or
 Discovers this solitary way
 Nosing through musky weight
  and quiet import
 Void of measured worth
 In damp discovery
 My own boots nuzzle
 The same true Earth.

from weed-choked to floriferous

 Good morning, Garden
 by L. Ann Buscher

 Good morning, Garden
 young things growing
 early morning light
 confused by fog
 resting on the jagged ridge
 tree tops grimace
 across the grey-blue blade
 Willapa steely in
 the early cool, vast
 unknowing of my
 micro view
 newborn garden
 stems and leaves a few
 blooms barely
 mark or rustle
 against a canvas
 lit with dew
 sea and sky, opaque
 soil heavy with damp
 and fragrance
 silent, save for a
 trampling slug

the new flower border in October
the new flower border in October


fall colour on the centre island
fall colour on the centre island
lily garden one year after renovation
lily garden just one year
after renovation
garden in 2nd year
the garden in its second year
island in spring
looking toward the shrub island
in midsummer

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