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About Tangly Cottage
   the story of Tangly Cottage
   why we live at the beach
   a day at Tangly Cottage
   befores and afters

Gram's Garden
   the story of Gram's garden
   photos of Gram's garden

Public gardens
   Andersen's RV Park
   Boardwalk Cottages
   China Beach Retreat
   Discovery Heights
   Ilwaco boatyard garden
   Klipsan Beach Cottages
   Long Beach
   Shelburne Inn
   Wiegardt Gallery

Secret gardens
   a beachfront garden
   Bev's garden
   Carters' garden
   Donna's garden
   English Nursery
   Glenn House
   Glennie's garden
   Heritage House
   J&B Seafood garden
   Jo's garden
   Laurie's garden
   Patti's garden
   Paul's garden
   Sea Nest
   Solstice House
   Stoppiello garden
   Suzanne's garden

Favourite plants
   favourite plants photos
   favourite plants slideshow
   list of beachy plants

Long Beach Peninsula
   beach life photo gallery

   clam letter
   Laurie's poetry
   Seagarden essay
   Sea Nest writings
   Stoppiello essay

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