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This is simply a list of my favourite garden authors, magazines, websites, and discussion groups.

Perhaps I should also mention my favourite gardening telly shows: On Home and Garden Television: Gardener's Diary, Gardener's Journal and Grow It; on BBC America: Ground Force and Charlie's Garden Army.

Favourite authors

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Geoffrey Charlesworth

Beth Chatto

Ken Druse

Dan Hinkley

Penelope Hobhouse


Des Kennedy

Allen Lacy

Ann Lovejoy

Henry Mitchell

Beverley Nichols

Rosemary Verey

Favourite books

by Michael Ableman

On Good Land

by Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

A Gardener Obsessed

by Beth Chatto

Beth Chatto's Garden Book

The Damp Garden

The Dry Garden

The Gravel Garden

by Thomas Christopher

In Search of Lost Roses

by Cassandra Danz

Mrs. Greenthumbs

by Helen Dillon

Garden Artistry

by Ken Druse

The Natural Shade Garden

The Collector's Garden

by Valerie Easton

Artists in Their Gardens

by Eck and Winterrowd

A Year at North Hill

by Charles Elliot

The Transplanted Gardener

by Tessa Evelegh

The Decorated Garden Room

by Ryan Gainey

The Well Placed Weed

by Richard Goodman

French Dirt

by Eric Grissell

A Journal in Thyme

Insects and Gardens

Thyme on My Hands

by Judith Handelsman

Growing Myself

by Pamela J. Harper

Color Echoes: Harmonizing Color in the Garden

Designing with Perennials

Time-Tested Plants

by Daniel J. Hinkley

The Explorer's Garden

by Thomas Hobbs

Shocking Beauty

by Penelope Hobhouse

Penelope Hobhouse on Gardening

by Mary Keen

Creating a Garden

by Des Kennedy

Crazy About Gardening

by Jamaica Kincaid

My Garden (Book)

by Allen Lacy

The Garden in Autumn

The Inviting Garden


by Christopher Lloyd

The Adventurous Gardener

Christopher Lloyd's Flower Garden

Christopher Lloyd's Gardening Year

by Tony Lord

Gardening at Sissinghurst

by Ann Lovejoy

Ann Lovejoy's Organic Garden Design School

Gardening from Scratch

Further Along the Garden Path

The Year in Bloom

by Frederick McGourty

The Perennial Gardener

by Cheryl Merser

A Starter Garden

by Julie Moir Messervy

The Inward Garden
(highly recommended when starting a new garden)

by C.H. Middleton

Outlines of a Small Garden

by Henry Mitchell

The Essential Earthman

by Beverley Nichols

Garden Open Today

Garden Open Tomorrow

The Gift of a Garden

Green Grows the City

Laughter on the Stairs

Merry Hall

Sunlight on the Lawn

by Mirabel Osler

A Gentle Plea for Chaos

by Eleanor Perenyi

Green Thoughts

by Vita Sackville-West

Some Flowers

by Amy Stewart

From the Ground Up
(memoir of a garden in Santa Cruz; I give it 5 stars!)

by Roy Strong

Creating Small Gardens

by Celia Thaxter

An Island Garden

by H.H. Thomas

The Ideal Garden

by Rosemary Verey

The Garden in Winter

Rosemary Verey's Making of a Garden

by Pat Welsh

All My Edens: A Gardener's Memoir

by Katherine S. White

Onward and Upward in the Garden

Reference books

Botanica: The Illustrated A-Z of Over 10,000 Garden Plants

Dictionary of Plant Names (by A.J. Coombes)

The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses (by John Greenlee)

Gardening by Mail (by Barbara J. Barton)

The Hillier's Gardener Guide to Trees and Shrubs

The Northwest Gardener's Resource Directory (by Stephanie Feeney)

Old Roses and English Roses (by David Austin)

The Pacific Northwest Gardener's Book of Lists (by Ray and Jan McNeilan)


The Pacific Northwest Plant Locator (by Susan Hill and Susan Narizny)

Plants for Problem Places (by Graham Rice)

The Principles of Gardening (by Hugh Johnson)

Shrub Roses and Climbing Roses (by David Austin)

Stearns's Dictionary of Plant Names for Gardeners

Taylor's Guide to Seashore Gardening

Seaside gardening

Derek Jarman's Garden

Gardening by the Sea from Coast to Coast (by Daniel J. Foley)

100 Best Plants for the Coastal Garden (by Steve Whysall)

Seaside Gardening (by Theodore James, Jr.)

Wyman's Gardening Encyclopedia

Favourite garden videos

Creating the Romantic Garden (Ryan Gainey)

My Garden (Beth Chatto)


Favourite websites

Rainy Side Gardeners (has a great forum)

Ann Lovejoy

Bellevue Botanical Garden

Moosey's Country Garden

Blue Heron Herbary

One Big Tree

Dan Hinkley

Joycreek Nursery

A Small Irish Garden

The Alpine Garden

The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon

Cistus Nursery

Yummy Northwest farmers markets

Discussion groups

I used to subscribe to many email lists about gardening, but have mostly replaced those connections with online forums instead. My favourites are:

Rainy Side Gardeners forum - jolly forum for British gardeners and Anglophiles - here you can find a forum on almost any gardening topic

Facebook and Yahoo groups also offer a plethora of gardening groups and pages:


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