Discovery Heights

the lower garden is mulched
With the help of Roger Brunier of CleanCut Services, our partner in installation, the lower garden is mulched with dairy manure.

Discovery Heights is a new neighbourhood appearing on the hills above the Pacific Ocean in Ilwaco. We have had the pleasure of creating three gardens to welcome the residents: the lower garden by the highway to Cape Disappointment National Park and two gardens along the road up to the townhouses. A selection of interesting shrubs was enhanced the first year by drifts of white narcissi, followed by cosmos which, while intended to be filler, formed a spectacular display through the middle of November.

Narcissi appear during the middle garden's first spring
Narcissi appear during the middle garden's first spring;
in the background is the
Pacific Ocean.
Cosmos in the middle garden
Cosmos in the middle garden fill in for the young shrubs which will later provide structure and colour.
the lower garden's first autumn
The lower garden's first autumn. Red and Gold Twig Dogwoods, the ambers of winter ornamental grasses, and shrubs and trees of evergreen and grey will provide colour throughout the winter.
winter structure in the middle garden
Ornamental grasses and perennials are left up till early spring, thus providing structure for the winter garden, along with seeds for birds.
spring in the middle garden
Since the first year, more white narcissi have been added to all three gardens. A succession of bloom from several cultivars carries the display for
several weeks.
narcissi in the middle garden
The narcissi were purchased from Van Engelen wholesale catalog: the all-white mixture and assorted white cultivars.

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